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Sonne Hagal * Sinnreger (10″ 2000 eis & licht tonträger)

Just when I thought that all these Eis & Licht releases started to sound too similar, they release Sonne Hagal. A quick listen made me understand why there is such a rush on this 10″, so let’s start talking about the music.
After a few strange introductionary tones, Sonne Hagal starts with a cover of a song that the band Ernte contributed to the 1994 compilation “Im Blutfeuer”. This song is called “Sonnenwende” and SH’s version sounds pretty nice. Next up is a nice song with violin, guitar and a rough beat. The last song of side A is an atmospheric neo-folk song and I noticed that the lyrics are again in English. Side B brings the biggest surprises. An electric guitar in the first song and nice male/female singing over soundscapes in the second. The end also has a funny joke, because the 10″ keeps repeating a sound, but the player doesn’t take off the arm (or is this my player?).
Another notible point is that the only runes present are to say what is side A and B.
A very nice release by Eislicht!

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