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Skrol * Dances And Marches For The Orphan Age (cd 2005 dagaz music)

It has been six years ago that Loki Foundation released the brilliant “Martyria” 10″. In the same year the debut cd of this Czech band was released by Membrum Debile Propaganda. Skrol makes completely original and weird industrial. The music is made from cut-up orchestral samples, weird singing and organ sounds and all this made into an industrial, rhythmical style. I think this is really a ‘love it or hate it band’, but I sure love them. They are not too generous with releases. Somewhere in 2000 or 2001 I ran into a live video which is again from 1999. Then it was silent for a long time, at least, that was what I thought. The man behind Skrol proves to have an internetsite which covers all of this projects (I didn’t know that there were more). Also I missed Skrol albums. There are quite a few mp3s available so you can get a good idea of Vladimir Hirch’s music. The different projects tend to sound the same a bit, but who cares!
“Dances And Marches…” is a bit ‘softer’ in sound than the other releases that I have, less bombastic and more tranquil. But still the sound of Skrol is original and nice and I can’t say that of too many bands from the scene. <15/6/05><3>

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