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Skrol * What The Eye Have Seen Have Not Seen (video 1999 ars morta universum)

You are a damn lucky bastard(ess) if you are still able to get your hands on one of the 99 copies of this live document of the strange Czech industrial act Skrol. Therefor we better regard this review for archive-purposes.
Both the “Martyria” 10″ and the “Heretical Antiphony” cd were already reviewed here, but on this video are a few tracks that I hadn’t heard yet. Most of it sounds familiar though. The visuals are as I expected: live features tried to make to look more interesting by irritating and cheap visual effects. The sound is exceptional though. The live images show a crazy woman and a fairly normal guy on a small stage (I haven’t seen any audience) doing their thing. The tape lasts for 45 minutes, which is agreeable. I am not too fond of videos, because the sound of a cd is better and the visuals don’t keep my attention very long, but an item like this is a nice one to have. <23/12/00><2>

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