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Skrol * Heretical Antiphony (cd 1999 membrum debile propaganda)

Skrol recently debuted with a 10″ on the notorious German industrial label Power and Steel. You will find a review of this 10″ further down the page. (up!)
Skrol makes industrial in a very strange way. Besides the fact that there’re vocals (and what vocals) and piano, the music is undescribable. There’s screaming, female vocals, male ‘singing’ and odd sounds. All in all this makes an atmosphere that I hadn’t experienced before. It’s not really dark, but it’s the strangeness that makes this band particularly interesting. I don’t know what to say about this cd, besides that you all need to get it.
Membrum Debile Propaganda * Lessingstr. 21 * 97990 Weikersheim * Germany <3>

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