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Sistrenatus * s/t (cdr-demo 2005)

Under the monicker Funerary Call our Canadian friend mr. MacFarlane has made ‘ritual’, dark ambient industrial music for over a decade. The style got slightly more noisy on recent releases, but now Funerary Call has been put in the freezer to make room for a total noise project. And what a noise project!! On the 20 minute demo cdr you get five tracks of brilliant noise-scapes, a soundtrack of extreme electronica. If you like Propergol, you will love Sistrenatus! As a matter of fact, Propergol is my favorite noise act, but Sistrenatus comes close, if not higher up the ladder than the French mastermind. Just not too much music to compare, but don’t worry, Justin of Cold Spring loved the demo as much as myself, so Sistrenatus is up with a contribution on the upcoming Swarm compilation and a full-length cd is already anounced! Go to to hear mp3 soundclips and be sure to get yourself a copy of this great demo!


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