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Simulacrvm * Zevgma (cd 1999 old eurpe café a.v.s.)

A new cd on OEC. It seems that this notorious industrial label is focusing more on more on the shining discs and leaving the tapes for what they are.
Simulacrvm is a band that I hadn’t heard off before and I can say that my first encounter with them isn’t a negative one. Like Skrol, Simulacrvm comes from what used to be Czechia-Slovakia, but Skroll is from Czechia and Simulacrvm from Slovakia. Anyway, “Zeugma” reminds of early Cold Meat cds, but is not really a copy of them. “Zeugma” does contain atmospheric and slightly dark ambient with triballic influences and samples though. On a few ocasions the music is a little harder, but most of the time it’s very atmospheric. Pretty good too, so I wonder what the future has to offer. <21/1/00><3>

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