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v/a * Treatmeant Of The Dead (cd 2014)

The latest Cold Spring sampler is a very very noisy one. The most eye-catching track is one by “Coil / Nine Inch Nails”, but the most ear-cathing is the track of Trepaneringsritualen. For the rest there are project that I already knew (Merzbow, Troum, Burial Hex, Skullflower, Iron Fist Of The Sun and Z’ev) and projects that I did not know, or only heard of (Sol, Tunnels of Ah, Shift, Mesektet, Khost and Sutekh Hexen).
Like I said, the compilation is pretty noisy, also with ear-piercing high frequencies and little structure. Not all my taste, but it is always nice to hear new projects.
Link: Cold Spring Records

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