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Silence & Strength * Le Divin Cagliostro (cd 2005 the eastern front)

The Eastern Front is a new label from Israel, whose first release was the special Der Blutharsch Israel cd “Speech Of Truth Will Be Eternal”. “Le Divin Cagliostro” is the second cd. Silence & Strength are not entirely new too, since they appear on the Aleister Crowley tribute “100 years of Liber AL”. As the title suggests, this 41-minute cd is dedicated to Giuseppe Belsamo or Joseph Balsam (1743-1795), better known as Count Cagliostro, who founded the Memphis Rite in Freemasonry. The cd contains soft ambient soundscapes, darker tunes, a rhythmical part and a few World Serpent like neofolkish songs with male and female vocals; also there is room for some silly humour. The neofolk songs are nice, but I prefer the dark soundscapes that can be found on this disc. Overall the album is very nice and not too typical of sound. A very nice debut both for the band and the label. The cd comes in 620 DVD-cases and later a handpainted wooden box with extras will follow. The next release by The Eastern Front will be an album with four bands, dedicated to the Russian side of WWII and then another Silence & Strengh album.

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