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Sigrun Heid * Werkmeister (cd 2001 greyland records / electronic sound lab)

Another project of Sven Bussler, but this time with a certain Maria. “Werkmeister” comes in a handmade box that doesn’t look too great, but the idea is nice. Iron wire around the cardboard containing a black cd(r), put in a silver cardboardbox and wrapped with a black band. The box also has two cards and a little surprise.
Musically Sigrun Heid is quite a bit harder than Wappenbund. Much more industrial, with noise influences and more rhythm. Also here samples are used, but not as many as in Wappenbund. Also Sigrun Heid is very well done and I like “Werkmeister” a lot. Rather short though, 30 minutes. You can get this one as a cd or a 10″. <6/4/02><4>


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