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Sieben * Sex And Wildflowers (cd 2003 trisol)

The new cd of this soloproject of Matt Howden (Sol Invictus) is the second one that I got from him. I totally adore “Our Solitary Confinement” (2002) and “Sex And Wildflowers” certainly didn’t let me down. The violin-virtuose Howden made the music all by himself. Still it is full and complex and of course the violin plays the main part. The music is poppy, swinging at times and always very moving. Howden also sings with his very nice Dead Can Dance like vocals, but for the rest the music is not comperable to anything I know. Modern classical mixed with gothic elements, I don’t know how to describe it. I can only say I love it and when you are looking for something out of the ordinary but great, try one of mr. Howden’s cds. <25/10/03><4.5>

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