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Sieben * Our Solitary Confinement (cd 2002 trisol)

I saw this violin-virtuose play in Antwerpen a while ago, I think it was under his own name Matt Howden. I didn’t really know Howden then, only from the usually stated earlier cooperations with different bands. He has released music himself for a while under different names as well though. His show was wonderfull, just him on stage with his electric violin and some effect-equipment. This Sieben cd is less minimalistic though. There is singing in almost every track, guitar, drums and other instruments to make a quite full kind of music. Sometimes Howden’s violin is much on the foreground, sometimes not. All in all something very different from what I usually listen to and it is hard to describe the music. Maybe somewhere between soft pop and modern classical music? Oh well, just give the man a try if you never heard him! <9/11/02><4>

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