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Sephiroth * Draconian Poety (cd 2005 cold meat industry)

In 1997 Sephiroth made his debut on the “The Absolute Supper” compilation of CMI. A great haunting ambient track with a rhythmical/industrial break in the middle. The first cd “Cathedron” (1999 CMI) more or less did the same trick a few times more. Now, six years later, Sephiroth still does the same. There is no progression in the sound whatsoever. Most of the tracks begin tranquil, ambient and gloomy, either or not going over in a heavy outburst to return to tranquil sounds again. Not that this is badly done, but when you have the first track of Sephiroth, you more or less have them all. This cd is not completely boring, but especially the fact that the same rhythms and sounds are repeated again on this album, makes “Draconian Poetry” rather disapointing.

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