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Scivias * …And You Shall Fear Death Not (cd 2000 eis & licht tonträger)

Long announced and often delayed, the debut cd of the Hungarian band Scivias. I was told that this was not the typical Eislicht release and that the cd was not very folky, but more industrial. Well, I think the cd is pretty folky and doesn’t have much to do with industrial myself!
The music is quite avantgardistic, sometimes folky and sometimes a bit more electronic, often with Hungarian spoken vocals (lyrics printed in English in the booklet). Even though the cd is dedicated to the Japanese culture, I don’t hear much that reminds me about that country in the music. Actually, what Scivias reminds me most of is Actus, which music sounds quite similar to me.
I don’t particularly like the cd, but there are a few wonderfull moments and the rest is… alright.

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