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Ekman‎ * Kalla Rytmer Att Dansa Till I Ensamhet (mc 2012)

Another countrymate on Beläten (besides Distel). Contrary to most Beläten projects this is not Ekman’s first or second release. Ekman already has an impressive list on Discogs with releases on a variety of labels, apparently from different music scenes. This includes Enfant Terrible, so perhaps that explains why the name rings a bell.
The sound is one that fits well on the Dutch Enfant Terrible label: minimal wave, a bit weird and atypical though. The music is not really danceable and there are no vocals. Perhaps ‘analogue minimal wave’ is a description for Ekman. Minimalistic certainly is a term that comes to mind when listening to this music.
A nice, though slightly unexpected, addition to the Beläten roster.
Link: Beläten


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