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Marrow Mandler‎ * Escapist Grounds (mc 2013)

Beläten and Aufnahme+Wiedergabe are certainly labels to keep an eye on. A+W released the debut of cassette of this project. I have not (yet) heard it, but “Escapist Grounds” was certainly interesting enough to buy my own digital download.
It opens with a bit of a DAF-sound track. The second track is more minimal wave, but with a more ‘busy’ rhythm. Unfortunately the vocals are quite awfull, a thing that more minimal wave projects suffer from. The third track is interesting and the vocals are less annoying. Also the last two tracks make nice minimal wave, but those vocals. Fortunately in a few tracks there is no real attempt to sing and the vocals are more bearable. Musicwise good though!
Links: Marrow Mandler, Beläten


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