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Sanctum * Let’s Eat (cd 2004 cold meat industry)

I don’t often do that, but I crossed the internet for reviews of this cd before I ordered it. It seemed that it has a progressive sound and many people only started to like it after a few rounds in the player. I have heard it a few times, but for most songs I liked this cd the first time already. The ‘Sanctum-sound’ remained in a way. They have a dramatic industrial sound, but there are no tranquil tracks as on their debut. In fact, this new cd is ‘even’ somewhat louder than “New York City Bluster”. The sound is indeed unlike other industrial bands, but “Let’s Eat” does (in my opinion) not bring something entirely new, it is mostly like “New York City Bluster”. Still I am glad that there are still bands trying to make something not too casual and the result we have here is certainly one of the better industrial releases of late.

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