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Sanctum * Clarify 2.0 (cdr 2001 online 2004)

I hadn’t heard about this ‘project’ yet, but Sanctum from Sweden has been around for 10 years and to celebrate this, they put two albums on their website. “Clarify 2.0″ was a very limited cdr release that I didn’t have and which can now be downloaded in a slightly different form. I have all the ‘normal’ releases of the band (three cds, a 10” and the Parca Pace sideproject) and most of the tracks on “Clarify” are to be found on other releases too, sometimes in a slightly different form. Especially the “The Answer To His Riddle” 10″ is well represented, so this is good news to people who don’t play vinyl too often or who never got this piece of vinyl. There are some tracks that I didn’t have yet, so this is good news for people like me too! More good news is that -because these are old recordings- the singing of Lena is still present. A very nice album which gets even better because it is for free!

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