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Sal Solaris * Outerpretation Of Dreams (cd 2001 hau ruck!/tesco)

Things are going rapidly with Hau Ruck! This is already the 19th release from this label and there are several more coming up soon. This cd is by the Russian project Sal Solaris that we know from the “Heilige Feuer” compilation (see elsewhere). Like I mentioned in the “L’Ame Electrique” review (also see elsewhere), not all Hau Ruck! releases are really my taste. I am not too crazy about His Divine Grace with the monotous soundscapes for example The same problem comes with “Outerpretation Of Dreams”. This cd is very monotous, minimal and has no atmosphere that I enjoy. Mostly you will hear soundscapes which I wouldn’t even call “ambient”, let alone “dark ambient”. Sometimes there are some industrial-like sounds, but there is nothing that Sal Solaris did to make me like this cd.
Maybe if you are interested in soundscapes, you should try this one.


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