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ANTIchildLEAGUE ‎* The Son (cd 2014)

I do not think I had head of this one-girl-project before I noticed the name on the WGT 2014 schedule. I also thought that I listened to some music which went from noise to digicore. The show was mostly brutal, industrial noise with Gaya Donadio’s screamed vocals. There was variety in the music. Some tracks were more industrial, others downright noise. The album is not as harsch as the show was and perhaps the energetic show provided a surprise effect, but the album is less interesting as the performance in the Moritzbastei. “The Son” is still a weird industrial album and I do not know all that many female industrial projects so perhaps you do not either. The combination could be a reason to check out this album.
Links: Antichildleague, Old Europa Café

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