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Prosciptor * The Serpentine Has Risen (cd 1999 dark age productions)

This is the second album of sir Prosciptor McGovern. The first album was released as an lp on the deleted label Dark Age Productions from the US and as a cd/lp on Cruel Moon intl, a sublabel of Cold Meat Industry. Those who know the music of Prosciptor, won’t be surprised that I say that this is a weird album. Whereas “The Venus Bellona” was rather folk oriented avantgardistic music “The Serpentine Has Risen” is mostly experimental and lacking almost any folk influence. So, people who liked the bagpipes on “The Venus Bellona” better watch out with this one.
A big role on this cd is played by the oscillator. An ‘instrument’ that makes a peculiar vibrating sound. Further there is a drumcomputer, synths, (acoustic) guitars, vocals and more. The tracks vary from danceble to soundscapes and old metal/rock to atmospheric. All in all hard to describe, but certainly something different. I liked it better every time I played it so far, on the 15 minute soundscape isn’t much of my liking.
This cd was released by the man himself under the name of the deleted label that he used to be a part of. Or maybe this is new life for DAP?

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