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Blitzkrieg Baby ‎* Kids’ World (mc 2014)

From the moment I got an email if I was interested in reviewing the second release of Blitzkrieg Baby, I have been humming the classic jazz tune with the same name (that was of course also recorded by Geneviève Pasquier). “Termed Industrial Pop by some, and Unclassifiable Filth by others”, of course with a Pasquier song my expectations ran a bit towards ‘industrial disco’. However comparisons to Thorofon and Pasquier can certainly be made, Blitzkrieg Baby is more industrial, or perhaps I should say ‘oldfashioned industrial’; not entirely like the earlier material of Thorofon though. The sound is nicely dirty and slightly dark with slow rhythms and male vocals, discoish and more ambient tracks and while I hear references to other projects, Blitzkrieg Kid surely has a sound of its own. The atmosphere is good and the four track ep is very interesting. There are four bonus tracks that come from the compilation “Children In Uniforms MMXIII”. They are comparible in style, so I guess I will have to get myself a copy of the debut cd on Neuropa!
Links: Blitkrieg Baby, Belaten

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