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Shrine * Nihil (cd 2014)

This is the second album of Shrine that I review. The other album was not totally convincing to me, the second is neither.
Shrine makes alright dark ambient, with many long tones which make the music it more “soundscapes”. The sound is somewhat dark, which is good in my opinion, but not really varried or moody enough to keep my attention.
Links: Shrine, Cyclic Law

1 thought on “Shrine * Nihil (cd 2014)”

  1. Of course, this is a matter of taste but i think you should re-listen to this CD. I read all ur reviews and so, was a bit negative after reading this one. But I decided to purchase this album anyway. And i must admit that it was a huge surprise. This is one of my favorite this year. Now, I’m used to adding more Shrine to my playlists than classical pieces like Atrium Carceri or Kammarheit. As i said before, this is only a matter of taste and i understand that dark ambient monotony can look sometimes unpleasant. But for ppl enjoying long soundscapes without friction and still remaining cold and dark, it should be a good purchase.

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