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Propergol * United States… (cd 2000 nuit et brouillard)

A few months ago I reviewed the excellent latest cd of this French act which is a cd on Tesco. This is the previous album that is still available and that was released by the French label with an enormous mailorder catalogue Nuit et Brouillard (“night and fog”).
“United States…” contains soundscapish industrial tracks and massive noise and lasts for 71 minutes. There are a lot of samples, not just a bunch of noise, but more structured which I definately prefer of chaotic noise and a lot of low frequencies. On this and the new cd there definately are some of the best noise tracks that I ever heard and however “United States…” is not entirely as good as “Renegade”, I am sure I would have bought the new one if I got this one first. Refreshing and great noise that you shouldn’t miss.
I am not totally sure about the year this cd was released, but I think late 2000.

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