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Seesar * Flight Of Raphtontis (online album 2014)

With the band Vultures Quartet Will Connor released an album on Zoharum. However I hear many Zoharum releases, the name does not ring a bell. Connor is active in more musical projects and as Seesar he makes: “dark ambient Lovecraftian soundscapes”.
Since Will mentioned the name Zoharum before I read the bio, I already thought about ‘soundscapes’ (prejudice right?). Indeed, “Flight Of Raphtontis” is a collection of sounds and noises, sometimes slightly ritualistic, sometimes less so. Here and there the sound is a bit darker with lower frequencies. These are the parts I prefer. In general I am not a big lover of soundscapes. This is not such a bad soundscape though.
For more information about the artist, his projects and how to get this Bandcamp album, visit Connor’s website (see below), rather than the Discogs link that I put under the cover. Neither the release nor the project are listed on Discogs yet.
Links: Will Connor, Sombre Soniks

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