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Tanz Ohne Musik ‎* Between Our Body Shapes (mc 2013)

I stumbled upon the Bandcamp of this Romenian project. The name sounds familiar, but according to I had not played (or at least “scrobbled”) Tanz Ohne Musik before today. This project has quite a few releases available, most of them online, but what I have heard from previous material it is all just alright minimal wave. For the last release TOM seems to have had a good listen to Haus Arafna and other Galakthorrö projects. “Between Our Body Shapes” is a very nice angstpop release that reminds of more tranquil Galakthorrö/Arafna material, especially in some sounds (samples perhaps?). This release being available through Bandcamp you can of course just listen to it, I also have it on the computer, but I hope to receive one of the 50 copies of the tape as well.
Links: Tanz Ohne Musik, Red Cavity Records

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