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Predominance * Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence (cd 2000 loki)

In a beautiful digipack comes the new offering of Predominance from Germany. Fortunately it doesn’t sound like their contribution to the “Collapse” festival sampler (noise), but it is in their dark industrial/ambient style. As we know from another compilation (“Book ov Shadowz”) the band isn’t afraid of using vocals (singing and talking), which they do in a few tracks.
I don’t like the first two tracks too much, but after those Predominance presents their wonderfull extremely dark ambient with a lot of industrial influences. Extremely low frequencies, minimalistic approach, just not too monotous and not too many samples. One track may sound a bit like Deutsch Nepal with slow, hypnotic rhythms, while the next is a dark soundscape with no rhythm whatsoever.
Unfortunately the cd is pretty short (not even 41 minutes) and not all tracks are equally good, but overall I find this cd quite enjoyable. <5/1/01><4>


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