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Phallus Dei * Osmose – Pontifex Maximus Revisited (cd 2004 dark vinyl)

Phallus Dei made industrial when I hadn’t even heard of this music and they used to be very productive but have always been well-known. After several years of silence, they returned with a new album a while ago and here we have remixes of old tracks that are eight years after they were made released on Dark Vinyl records. Those of you who know Phallus Dei need no introduction to this cd, but maybe the remark that things may sound just a little bit more ‘modern’. Then to the few who do not know Phallus Dei, you will get (of course) an old style industrial, but varying from fairly monotous ambient-like tracks to more danceble experiences. Of course I can’t forget to mention the orchestral and sometimes very bombastic sound of some tracks. Personally I like some of the tracks, while I like others less, just like before.

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