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Penitent * Roses By Chaos Spawned (cd 1999 memento mori)

Penitent made it. s debut in 1996 on the notorious Cold Meat Industry label, but this cooperation was only for one cd. The debut was re-released by Prophecy Productions and then two albums where released by Draenor/Napalm records from Austria. After this Karsten Hamre went to Memento Mori (a sublabel of the Dark Vinyl cultlabel) with both Arcane Art (see review elsewhere) and Penitent.
Roses By Chaos Spawned. is just like the Arcane Art cd very orchestral. The vocals are done by a certain M. Andrew Goldfine (a name that doesn. t ring a bell here), which is often spoken, but there are also a few beautiful sung parts to be heard.
The music itself is rather simple and however there are a few good moments, most of it is not my taste.

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