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Pazuzu * III – The End Of Ages (cd 1999 avantgarde music)

Some metalheads out there might remember the first Pazuzu cd “And All Was Silent” from 1995. “Black metal meets Dead Can Dance” were the words which should describe this extraordinary debut cd. It indeed is a pretty funny cd in which medievalish music is cheered up with metal-like screams and talking. The second cd “Awaken The Dragon” was released a year later, but this one especially got much attention from the gothic scene. It is a magnificent piece of dark medieval music (but not always that dark). Now we are three years further and the man moved from Austria to Canada and ended up on the Italian Avantgarde Music. This more of less happed ‘by accident’. Avantgarde was negotiating with Raventhrone to release their albums. And while talking with this blackmetal band, Avantgarde said: “Why don’t we just sign Pazuzu as well?”, it is one and the same person anyway. Fact is that even though Pazuzu is still on (again another) metallabel, their music still has not got anything to do with metal, but I suppose this cd will find it’s way to the right audience just like the previous one.
People who say that “The End Of Ages” sounds just like “Awaken The Dragon” did not listen very well to the two albums. This last album is less medieval, more neo-classical and has more dark ambient on it. The medieval parts are now more as music with speaking over it than the medieval songs that we enjoy from “Awaken…”. Still it sounds pretty nice and sometimes pretty dark as well. Maybe you can compare this kind of music with Cernunnos’ Woods from the States. One song in particular reminds me very much of this act. The neo-classical-oriented tracks are pretty good as well. Then there are pieces of dark ambient, which are just alright. All in all again a (slightly) surprising album and damn good again as well!

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