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Parca Pace * s/t (cd 1999 flaming fish music / structure)

Jan Carleklev is better known for being half of the CMI-band Sactum. The music he makes as Parca Pace is slightly different. This is dark ambient with industrial and triballic interludes and neo-classical influences. Parca Pace is definately a case of the two Bs (sometimes brilliant, sometimes boring). There are totally magnificent triballic industrial pieces with vocals, but the noise-scapes simply take too long and tend to get boring. The neo-classical pieces bring remembrances to Sanctum. A single violin, but sometimes more and this typical Sactum sound. These pieces also very much remind me to the early releases of Shinjuku Thief, because however neo-classical, these pieces are very rhythmical. This cd with no title has one 45 minute track with much variation and deffinately sounds different from other industrial releases of these days.

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