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Arcana * Inner Pale Sun (cd 2002 cold meat industry)

However I like Arcana, my reviews of the previous albums are not that positive. The music is beautiful but more of the same on newer albums. I actually wasn’t planning on getting this album, but mr Pettersson wanted me to review it anyhow, so a copy fell into my mailbox.
“Inner Pale Sun” has quite an ‘Arcana-length’: 38 min. It opens with quite an Arcana-track: bombastic, orchestral music with drumming and singing without lyrics. The second track is promising though, very tranquil and with very nice male vocals. This actually goes for more tracks as well. mr Pettersson has a very nice voice when he really sings and the music is still Arcana, but not so typical. I even seem to hear some real instruments (cello) in track 6, which track is a beauty in general. The last two tracks are nice but nothing special.
Indeed better than the last albums in different views.

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