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De Geconcentreerde Consumentenbond & Donné et Desirée & Syntax Pony ‎* 3×12 (cdr 2012)

On Discogs I saw that Peter Johan Nijland has another project (together with Oscar Wyers) besides Distel and Hadewych and that a cd has recently been released with this project on it. “3×12” Is a weird release. It comes in a cdr package with cardboard glued to it and has three tracks of about 12 minutes, hence the title. The opening track is of De Geconcentreerde Consumentenbond (‘the concentrated consumers’ society’) and is a strange sound-collage / soundscape kind of thing. Next up is an even more minimalistic sound-collage / soundscape kind of thing of a project that recently seems to have released an album that Discogs has tagged as “free jazz”. The third track is of Nijland/Wyers’ Syntax Pony and they too made a 12 minute sound-collage. This is the more interesting of the three, but I am not too good with sound-collages. Syntax Pony made more of a composition though than the other two projects. If you do enjoy such a release, you can get this album from the label’s Bandcamp and if you prefer a hardcopy, that is possible too.
Link: Oggy Records (also on Soundcloud and Facebook)

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