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Distel * Puur (lp 2013)

In 2009 I was looking around to see what users would have tagged “angstpop” besides Galakthorrö projects. I found a project from my own country that was (and is) not on Galakthorrö, but on a Dutch label that releases all kinds of weird electronic dance music and retro-wave kind of things. At the time I was not too enthousiastic about most of the music from that scene (but I was about Distel). Several more years of exploring have granted me a couple of great projects and also proved that I was not alone looking for new music, since both the Wave Gotik Treffen and Summer Darkness also book minimal wave and related projects. In any case, after a great 7″ in 2010 things were quiet around Distel and I accidentally found out that the debut album is finally available. I waited a bit more for the version with bonus 7″ (there are 50 copies of the first version and 200 of the second) and today I could finally hear more music of this great, Dutch project.
Again I have to bring up Galakthorrö. The simple reason is the Galakthorrö sound comes closest to a large part of the sound of Distel of what I know (mostly the sound of Herz Jühning). In other tracks Distel remains closer to that “minimal wave” sound, but dark and slow variety. Some tracks seem earlier released tracks with another title, but most material is new to me and what is more, it is pretty damn good! I love the dark and gloomy sound of Distel (almost) as much as that of Galakthorrö and that can most definately be regarded as a compliment!
Links: Distel, Enfant Terrible

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