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Thorofon ‎* Nice N’ Sleazy (mc 2013)

When was the last time that you bought a cassette tape? The funny thing is that this tape comes with a download link like you see with vinyl. Welcome to the age of digital music! Well, it is a normal tape, not chrome or metal, so that is perhaps for the better.
“Nice n’ Sleazy” is a 60 minute tape with live recordings, trial recordings and unreleased tracks and versions. It is not a step forward in the musical direction of Thorofon, so “Nice n’ Sleazy” is not more poppy or discoish. As a matter of fact, the live version of “Riot Rude Dictator” reminds of the noise of early days. Most of the tracks are in the ‘intermediairy’ industrial style. Sometimes a bit rougher, sometimes less so. There are some experimentations with different approaches such as the somewhat ‘rocking’ opening track.
As we are used to of this great project, this newest offering is a good release. Not brilliant like “Exkarnation” but certainly a thing you should have when you like Thorofon or ‘modern industrial’ in general.
Links: Thorofon, UMB Kollektif, Raubbau

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