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Arcana * …The Last Embrace (cd 2000 cold meat industry)

Here we have the new cd of Arcana and …well… it’s just a new cd of Arcana.
In 1996 this Swedish act debuted on the CMI label with a stunning debut. This was after highly acclaimed contributions to the CMI-sampler “…And Even The Wolves” from 95 and the 2×7″ compilation “The Heart Of Shadow Gods” on the same label. The “Dark Age Of Reason” cd contains totally awsome orchestral music, with marchdrums, bells and chanting. Soon Arcana was one of the most popular bands on the CMI-label. After the debut came two mcds and a fulllength that sounded exactly the same. Also contributions to new compilations didn’t bring anything new and now there is “…The Last Embrace”. Again orchestral music, marchdrums, bells and chanting totally bombastic and beautiful music, but exactly the same as before. When you never heard Arcana you will be amazed by their music, but if you followed them for the past four years, you can say nothing more than “it is a new Arcana”. No points for originality. Arcana became of copy of themselves…

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