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Objekt/Urian * Agitation (cd 2010)

A couple of years I ran into a rerelease / compilation of a old records / something, of Objekt/Urian on the Hermetique mailorder list. I did not know the project, so I got “Tonfragmente II” and it proved to be a weird industrial album. Some tracks are nice, others less so. To my surprise Objekt/Urian was announced to play at the 2013 Wave Gotik Treffen and however “Tonfragmente II” is but a nice cd, Objekt/Urian immediately became one of my most anticipated shows for the WGT. They where listed for the “noise night” together with projects such as IRM, Con-Dom and Sutcliffe Jugend, but they do not really make noise, so what would this strange project do? I was not disappointed! Objekt/Urian undoubtely gave the best performance of this years’s WGT! These two guys obviously enjoy playing live and they also love to experiment with self-made air-raid-towers (with light), a transportable effect machine, leaves-blower (of whatever it was), an iron plate and mixing this together into a pretty noisy piece of old-style industrial with screaming vocals from a running-around vocalist. The show was great! From rhythmic noise to soundterrorism to more tranquil experiments.
At the merchandise table there were shirts, but also a cd that I did not know. Ironically “Agitation” was released in the same year that I found “Tonfragmente II”, but did I miss it, or did I think I had enough Objekt/Urian with the other cd? Fact is though, that “Agitation” shows the industrial weirdness of Objekt/Urian even better than the other cd. It comes quite close to the energy on stage making this cd very enjoyable. So, if you are interested in some funny and noisy industrial (can I throw in a comparison to Thorofon?), try this album.
Links: Objekt/Urian, Tesco Organisation

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