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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * Make Love And War (A Wedlock Of Roses) (cd 2000 cold meat industry)

Finally I have it, the new Ordo. As most of you know there have been quite some problems with this release. First Chelsea left the band bisecting the former duo. Chelsea is replaced by another female counterpart in the form of Rosemary, but she doesn’t do any vocals on this cd. Later the cd was withdrawn for reasons I still don’t know, but fortunately Ordo did perform on the Eurorock festival in Belgium last summer and also played new songs. This proved that the withdrawal was more a postphonement than a real withdrawal. And after a long wait, half way november was the time, at last.
After a funny but rather long intro a couple of totally brilliant tracks can be heard. Regarding the style Ordo didn’t change very much. The music is still quite simple, repetative and with spoken vocals. In most cases I am no fond of repetative music, but somehow Ordo manages to turn this fact into a grand benefit. You can hear the usual soft industrial and neo-folk songs with Tomas well known vocals. The cd closes off with a rather long outro and overall the cd is too short. The 35 minutes of music that we get is magnificent though.

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