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Haus Arafna ‎* All I Can Give (7″ 2013)

Hello boys and girls. By the time I got my mail, all 903 of this 7″ were sold out. When you order from Galakthorrö directly, you will get a newsletter a few weeks before the official release, so you can get your copies before the rest of the world does. In case of these limited releases, you have to be quick. One thing is for certain though, “All I Can Give” is a brilliant EP! The two tracks on side A are downright stunning. The first is noisy, the second more ‘new style’, but both are absolute masterpieces. Side B has two more melancholic tracks which are also great. So I guess you will have to go around your usual industrial dealers to see if you can get a copy of the latest Haus Arafna.
Links: Haus Arafna, Galakthorrö

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