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Omnicore * Mass Murderer (cd 2004 divine comedy)

Three albums were nagging me, three albums of new bands from which I heard good and less interesting things, three albums which I didn’t dare to just buy and take the risk. In the end I got myself a P2P program and decided to hunt them down. One album I got recently, the boring “Reflejos Del Sol” of Der Arbeiter. Another album I am still looking for “Dialogue” (or anything else) of Divine Muzak and today was a good day, because I finally got “Mass Murderer” of Omnicore. I already had the brilliant “March for victory” and the not-too-good “Dying in Berlin”, but the album as a whole is fortunately very good. Bombastic, industrial, orchestral and even quite original in sound. This album is good enough to buy, so I already ordered a copy and now I hope that this 2004 album isn’t sold out yet. The only bad thing about this cd is that the French(wo)man have an awfull pronounciation of English… <3/2/07><4>u

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