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Tweak Bird ‎* Under Cover Crops (cd 2012)

Last weekend we spent in Brussel, Belgium and checking if there would be anything musically interesting in these days I ran into a club with the great name “Madame Moustache et son Freakshow” which had a psychedelic stonerband on friday. I looked up the music, indeed “psychedelic stoner” is the only possible description, but I was not convinced by the high-pitched vocals. We went nonetheless and after the sometimes interesting weird electropunk band Shiko Shiko two young (?) hippies entered the stage, a singer guitarist and singer drummer. Accompanied by some electronics the duo gave a great performance of stoner rock music with psychedelic long solos, strange electronics and Beatles (or something)-like vocals. A nice party indeed. The album sounds well too, the mixing gave the band more possibilities with the sound than on stage, but basically live and on cd the sound is the same. I bought me the cd, but Discogs only lists the album as 12″. Know that there is a cd version too!
Links: Tweak Bird, Volcom Entertainment

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