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These New Puritans * Hidden (cd 2010)

  • pop

DiscogsSo you wanted to hear something different? My brother took a shot, not entirely in the dark, but our musical tastes do not have all that much incommon. These New Puritans (or TNPS) is a very strange “indie” band, very strange indeed. “Hidden” opens with chamber music, nice and soothing. After a while couple of loud beats disturb the peace and George Barnett’s experimentational mind sets in. Initially I have to think of In The Nursery with drumming over orchestral music, but later the IDM-electronics take the lead some more and in combination with the orchestral music, memories of Venetian Snares’ masterpiece “Rossz Csillag Alatt Született” bubble up in my mind. Still the music is basically “indie rock” (somehow) and the poppy music and electronics make me think of Dream Into Dust more than once. Sometimes there are disproportionate loud beats, a corny choir-sampple as if you are listening to some old electro album, but there are also real choirs. The music is mostly slow, but sometimes a bit more lively. It is all hard to describe. Weird popmusic with (seeming) references to music that we know and one of these cds that I do not have a definate opinion on after one listening. Interesting, certainly!
Links: These New Puritans, Domino USA

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