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Theologian ‎* The Chasms Of My Heart (cd 2012)

DiscogsThis American project releases a lot on his own label, but fortunately also sometimes on a bigger label so the releases actually see the light of day and are available a bit more easily in Europe. According to Discogs this is not even the latest release of Theologian. I have not heard all that much of Theologian, but “The Chasms Of My Heart” sounds different from how I remember this project. The wall-of-sound type of noise is still there, but less apparent and there is more rhythm (industrial or drumming) and some tracks have vocals. The description that I invented “ambient noise” fits the music perfectly. It will certainly scare away the listeners of ‘normal music’, but it is not of the chaotic noise-for-the-sake-of-noise type of sonic extremism. Still there are some pretty rough tracks with loud industrial beats of earcracking noise, so do not worry if you are a musical masochist, you still might want to listen to Leech’s latest effort.
Link: Crucial Blast, all websites of Leech’s project and label seem defunkt…

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