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Thorofon * New Heroes Essentials (cd 2012)

I only started to follow Thorofon when I ran into the 2003 album “This Summer Suicide” in 2007. After that I have been hunting down earlier releases and buying the new ones as they came. Thorofon has grown to be one of my favourite projects. I only had “New Heroes” on the computer, since I never got a copy of this 2005 double lp. Now it is released on cd! Well, sort of… 13 Of the original 19 tracks found their way to the cd (hence the new title) and two tracks have been added. “New Heroes” is given to be the transition album between the power electroncis of the old days and the disco sound of today, but actually “This Summer Suicide” of two years earlier should get that credit. In any case, I love the new sound of Thorofon and like some of the old material and I certainly like the combination of the two styles, so I was happy to learn about this “New Heroes” cd. It is certainly another wonderfull album with relatively accessible industrial and a very welcome addition to my collection.
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