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Anenzephalia * Kaltwelt (cd 2012)

Released as a 12″ and on cd with similar packaging. A hole in the cover shows a part of the foldout poster inside, well done. Anenzephalia made the great opening show for the 25 years of Tesco festival in november 2012. Anenzephalia is a classic German noise outfit that is aggressive in another way than the many projects that just produce an unstructured and brutal heap of noise. Simple, industrial rhythms, sometimes samples, but most notably are the aggressive vocals. “Kaltwelt” is no exception. After having seen Genocide Organ live, “Kaltwelt” is an easy-listening noise album, but I can assure you that this is not the kind of album that you want to play for your mother. If you know and like Anenzephalia, you can order “Kaltwelt” blindly (you may find it less brutal than earlier releases though). If you are trying to find your way through the jungle of musical masochism, you might find in Anenzephalia something quite harsch, but still enjoyable. I certainly like sound of mr. Moloch!
Links: Anenzephalia, Tesco

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