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Singular Cleansweep Operations * Final Service (cd 2012)

If I understand it correctly, these are recordings from half the duo that operates under the name Operation Cleansweep. There are recordings from 1996 to 2010 and are recently made available by the Japanese Teito Sound label. “Final Service” comes in a cd-size DVD cover and in sound is somewhat of a lighter version of Operation Cleansweep, the noise sound with industrial rhythms. Somewhat lighter though, since the aggressive vocals are there and towards the end the sound is pretty harsch again. Operation Cleansweep releases are not too easy to find and “Final Service” is no exception. I hoped to buy something of Cleansweep during the Tesco festival where they played, but they had nothing. At the second day the band apparently brought their own copies (20 I heard) of “Final Service” so I was able to lay my hands on a copy. I have no idea where to send you to to get your own, but I can say, if you like Operation Cleansweep and do not mind a slightly less heavy sound, you will also like this singular operation.
Link: Teito Sound Systems

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