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Kristus Kut * Oneironaut (2012)

Kristus Kut is an extremely active Dutch project of an even more extremely active man. KK releases tons of releases in all kinds of different ways. Apparently “Oneironaut” was supposed to be released on a label, but in the end became a ‘name your price’ Bandcamp release. I do not think I have heard much of the music since the 2008 Bone Structure cd, so I decided to check out the new album, especially since it is announced as being: “full off tribal noise created by acoustic instruments”. Just as on the other album that I reviewed, this one contains good tracks and annoying ones. I am in particular no fond of the over-use of porn samples (and themes) which tend to get weary quickly, but there are also very nice and dark soundscapes and some nice industrial noise tracks to be found and indeed, also tribal elements. Since you can name your price and you can listen to the album on Bandcamp first, you might want to have a look at this weird noisy album.
Kristus Kut / Het Donkse Oog, Bandcamp

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