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Seven That Spells ‎* Superautobahn (cd 2012)

Actually it is funny that Hau Ruck releases this album. I am recently listening a bit more to guitar-oriented music in quite a variety. A while ago I was searching a bit through the local rock-scene and was listening to the 35007 “radio” at Expecting ‘space rock’ and related, I was soon presented with funeral / sludge / stoner / etc. doom, a style that seems to be upcoming and which sometimes produces some nice music. The more stoner / psychedelic style seems to be the genre that Albin Julius himself shifts towards. Then I heard that Hau Ruck! would release an album of a band that I do not think I ever heard of. Looking into Seven That Spells, this also appears to be a quite sleasy, instrumental sludge band, not uninteresting either. The “Superautobahn” album on Hau Ruck!, though, is not so sleasy and doomy, but more psychedelic rock. Three long tracks of which the first is somewhat faster, the second more doomy and the third seems to hold the middle. Not bad at all. More interesting than Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand actually, but of course with Albin Julius releasing this material, and also White Hills, this ‘Roadburn scene’ might grow a bit towards the more rock-oriented side of our own scene. Perhaps that will lead to more interesting things and lead me to bands that I did not know.
Links: Seven That Spells, Hau Ruck!


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