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Nothvs Filivs Mortis / Omne Datum Optimum * Oran Môr III. Moddion-o-Gair .III (7″ 2001 cynfeirdd)

After a 12″ and a 10″, this is the third part of the Oran Môr trilogy which was formed by split releases between these two bands and Gaë Bolg.
The NFM tracks are alright, not as dark and heavy as this Spanish act can be, quite atmospheric actually. The ODO tracks are quite nice. This band has a some more orchestral medievalish sound with the gregorian-like singing and drumming. If you know their contribution to “Eisteddfod” you will know what I mean. The tracks here are by far not as heavy as “Pastoralis Preeminentie” though.
This 7″ is again limited to 333 copies, so be quick.

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