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Nocturne * Hymn For The Herest I & II (cd 2001? old europa café)

I have been in doubt for a while whether or not I should get this cd. I don’t have the debut 10″ and the first cd “Kapitulation” (see archive) didn’t really stand the ‘tooth of time’. It is alright, but I seldom play it. And where “Kapitulation” is pretty much a dark industrial cd,”Hymn…” is a noise cd. Not too great either! It mostly contains minimalistic ‘noise-scapes’ with industrial sounds and here and there a strange sample or heavily distorted vocals. I also saw him doing that on stage late last year in London and the sound is pretty amazing, but not to listen to for 74 minutes. “Hymn…” certainly has his moments and sounds pretty original, but I don’t like it all that much.
Worth mentioning is the package, which is a sixfold ‘poster’ on thick paper. <9/5/02><2>

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