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Nicholas Lens * Orrori dell’Amore (cd 1995 sony belgium)

Every now and then I search the internet to find out if the third part of Lens’ “Accasha Chronicles” trilogy has finally been released. Always this is without result. This time I ran into an internetpage naming five works of Lens and bluntly state that most of them are available on cd. Well why can’t I find any of them then?! Then I came up with a marvelous idea. There is a Dutch internetpage that finds the lowest prices for many kinds of articles for you. Looking for cd-artist Nicholas Lens, El Cheapo came up with one title that I didn’t have, available from a Dutch distro. “Orrori dell’Amore” is the soundtrack for the film “Marie Antoinette Is Niet Dood” by Irma Achten (a film I don’t know) and has nothing to do with the trilogy. It is (therefor) different in sound. No electronic influences, less dark and bombastic, but still ‘very Lens’. This strange opera for a small group of performers goes from melancholic to crazy. One piece even reminds of Sopor Aeterus in use of vocals, melodies and rhythms!
The search for the last “Accasha Chronicle” (named “Amore Amore” by the way), continues, but here is an old new Lens!

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